Our Company


In PLACIAS we have been offering quality products for pets for more than 80 years, striving to improve the quality of the product and the proximity with the customer day by day. We are a dynamic and constantly evolving company, always adapting to the market’s novelties and requirements. Our goal objective is to obtain the satisfaction of the client and the happiness of their pets.

The company JAUME PLACIAS S.L. it was founded by the entrepreneur Jaume Placias Fradera in 1931, year which he started in the business of cereals and feed for farm animals in the town of Mollet del Vallés.

Later, his son, Antoni Placias Llobet strengthened and enlarged the business by moving the facilities in 1954 to the iconic street of Jaume I in Mollet del Vallés.

Later, Jaume Placias Casanovas, the third generation, took over the business, expanding it and specializing into the manufacture and distribution of pet products to wholesalers and specialized stores.

In 2008 the company moved its production to the village of Castellterçol where it made a profound renovation not only in the facilities also in the machinery in order to offer products adapted to the current demanding requirements and obligations.

JAUME PLACIAS S.L. look to the future with the incorporation in recent years of Jaume Placias Vallcorba, 4th generation of the business, who has internationalized the brand by bringing our high quality products outside our borders making our brand well known across the world.

Throughout the years JAUME PLACIAS S.L. it has been adapting and evolving according to the needs and demands of the market, that is why the PLACIAS brand offers high quality products with a fresh packaging, distancing itself from the rest of the competitors.


The company is prepared for the manufacture and distribution of pet food, with adequate facilities for such a challenge.

We strive to adapt and offer a specific diet for each animal, observing its behavior and nutrition into the wildlife.

We look for raw materials at their origin points and take them to our producing plant where we make the best product according to the needs of customers and pets.

We are a company in constant evolution, that is why we constantly launch new products on the market and we improve the existing ones to satisfy the market.

We constantly seek to improve producing, storage and logistics processes in order to offer the best possible service ever.