Vetkroc+ HandPlus bird hand feeding

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About This Project

Vetkroc+ HandPlus is a complet and balanced hand feeding food for all kind of chicks. It promotes growth in perfect conditions due to vitamins, protein and energy. Specially prepared not to seal the syringes used in the application of the hand feeding. Composed by extruded soy flour, extruded pea, molted and extruded corn, egg powder, orange flour, apple flour, dehydrated alfalfa, yogurt, vitamins and minerals.


Analysis: Crude protein 20%, crude fat 8,5%, crude fiber 3%, ash 3%, vit. At 25.000 IU, vit. D3 2.000 IU and vit E 10 mg / kg.


Formats: 400g, 5kg & 20kg


EAN code: 8436000132441